Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alright, real post

Anyways, onto a real post. Things are going pretty well. Put down a deposit on a baby parrot today. Soooo excited. Will probably be another week before I get to bring her home. So... name ideas, mostly Disney based for some reason. Yeah, I'm a dork... which has been another theme of my weekend, but not in a good way. Anyways, the names are mostly girl names because that was the breeders best guess at the birds gender.

Cricket (as in the Pinocchio)

Shoot, there were other ones but I don't remember. Anyways, I've alllwaayyss wanted to use the name Tigerlily but it would be really hard to shorten it to something I could really call the bird buy and she'd probably never be able to learn it. It's just a really pretty name and it suits what she looks like.

Also, I'm addicted to the big bang theory and also trying to catch up on some other shows I let slide. And watch TNG. I think I may have too much free time. Hahaha.

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