Sunday, January 9, 2011

ABCs of Gratitude

Been awhile but here goes... things are going pretty well but I'll write about that later. Right now doing the first half of the ABCs of gratitude, an idea I stole from my ex roomate. Not going to be all that deep, just want to see if I can come up with something for every letter.

A- Anne Bishop.
B- Books, Boys and Birds. Buffy & Battlestar.
C- Carrie Vaughn.
D- Dogs, Days off.
F- Friends and family. Duh.
G- Glen of Imaal Terriers.
H- Home.
I- Ireland and Indigo.
K- Kylie & Kaitlyn.
L- Love, laughter,
M- Mashed potatoes, Mom

Yeah, fail for now... I will have to come back to this. Which I probably won't do. I thought it would be more fun.

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